Mod/ Amy wanting to say something post

Okay I want to apologize for how dead this RP has been lately. I haven’t been here and I am sorry for that as well.  I plan on doing anything I can to get this RP active and fun again. Maybe we should plan a huge thing on tumblr with all of the characters. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Once again I am terribly sorry for anything that i have missed. I hope that this RP becomes more active once again.

Sorry, I'm going to have to drop Percy. :( Keeping Columbus, the Doctor and Arthur, though.

Aww! That’s ok. We’re glad you’re staying!

Remember to message us if you want the chat link! Also, remember the tournament we were supposed to have? Well, we got too busy to plan that out >w< So if anyone would like to take up planning it, we’d gladly let you do it! Just drop us a message if you’d like to.

Hiya! I'm Peter! Can I stay here for awhile?

Hi Peter! Of course you can! ^_^
flaksjdfalsjdf Peter Pan I love you omg

do you have an audition form?

Nope! All you have to do if you want a character is reserve them here in our ask.

Can you mods please update the character roster?

Yes, we will! And sorry about that, we’ve all been really busy, school has been taking up a lot of our time >.<

We are a new Jak and Daxer role play, do you wish to affiliate with us?

Of course! I’ll add you to the list now.

OOC: I'm gonna be on hiatus until further notice. Sorry!

That’s alright! We’ll miss you!

It looks like you Tamara deleted her account. Can I join as her? This is her blog.

Yes of course ^-^

I have to drop all my characters in this role play. I am very sorry. I will miss you all. <3

We’ll miss you too D: